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It will be a time of flight to “Night of Tokyo” soon.
This tour includes the following・・
・Delicious meal in Tokyo
・Beautiful view of Tokyo
・Happy time in Tokyo
・Unforgettable memories in Tokyo
The rest of the ticket is also small!
Those who have not purchased tickets yet, please make a reservation very much!

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Nice to meet everyone! And thank you for finding Tokyo Night Owl from many sites. Please give me a brief description of our site.

This site is a site created for you who is planning to travel in Japan from now on. We hope that you add this site as a candidate for collecting information before you travel.

To explain in a little more detail, we will deliver the perfect content for you, “How do you spend the night in Tokyo?”

I just want to collect information because there is no plan yet

I have already booked a tour, but I have not planned dinner and the schedule after that

There is a lot of information to spend daytime, but I am troubled because there is no information on nighttime

That’s perfect for you.

In our site

Experience tour that can be enjoyed after the evening

Providing information on Tokyo meals and play after the evening

We are offering these two.

There are other things around this two.

All experiences are ticketed,

Experience ticket with tour guide

Only experience ticket

These are two types of sales.

For information provision,

Information on bars in Tokyo

Information on taverns in Tokyo

We will provide a wide range of information centered on these two.

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