Must-see for travelers

Must-see for travelers

Please be sure to check this page before traveling to Japan!
After reading this page, your trip will be 10 times more fulfilling!

① How to hold Chopsticks

Why don’t you learn how to hold chopsticks properly before going to Japan?

In Japan, chopsticks are basically used when eating.

② About Tattoo

Are you planning to enter a hot spring in Japan?

Perhaps you may not be able to enter the hot springs.

You can see why in this video.

③ How to open Onigiri

While traveling in Japan, you may be hungry at night and buy rice balls at a convenience store.

What if the rice ball bag couldn’t be opened at that time?

Check out this video to learn how to open it.

④ About Otoshi

Is the evening meal in Japan decided?

Isn’t it fun to eat at an izakaya(tavern) at night?
Do you want to know the cast-iron rule of izakaya?

⑤ How to use Electronic toilet seat

Japan’s hygiene is great.

In particular, you can check the hygiene of the toilet at the airport where you left off.
You can wash your butt just by sitting down by using electronic toilet seat .

Let’s check how to use.

Watch this videos and enjoy your trip to Japan.
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