【Izakaya】 Edoichi

【Izakaya】 Edoichi

Otsuka izakaya Edoichi

Good evening everyone! This time we will introduce an izakaya. We introduce the Izakaya called Edoichi in Otsuka. This izakaya was also introduced in 4 Izakaya we would like you to visit if you came to Otsuka (https://tokyonightowl.jp/news/ 4 Izakaya I would like to visit if I came to Otsuka.html). There are many izakayas in Otsuka, but it ’s one of the best. This is a must-see for those who are planning to drink alcohol at an izakaya in Otsuka.

History of Edoichi

Edoichi is an izakaya located a 1-minute walk from the south exit of Otsuka Station. It is a long-established izakaya in Otsuka that has a long history since its establishment in 1947, and it is a traditional izakaya that has been familiar to Otsuka. In addition, along with “Shinsuke” and “Kagiya”, this is a famous izakaya in Otsuka that is counted among the three major izakayas in Tokyo.  A tray is provided for each person, and their favorite alcohol and dishes are placed on top of them to taste dishes and alcohol. By the way, this Izakaya cannot be reserved, so be careful.

Atmosphere in this izakaya

It is not an izakaya where multiple people drink noisily, but it is a type of izakaya where you can drink silently alone. There is no BGM in this izakaya, and it is an izakaya in Otsuka where you can drink while enjoying the atmosphere. The customer’s age is relatively high, and there are many customers around 40 years old.In this izakaya, there is a U-shaped counter that can seat 20 people, and there is a table seat in the back. Since there are many regular customers at the counter seats, it may be better to have a table seat at first.As a supplement, shooting inside of this izakaya is NG, so don’t take photos of food or alcohol.

Souka(The alcohol I want you to drink)

The alcohol that I want you to drink is Souka. It has become a venerable Japanese sake with a history of becoming an imperial alcohol in 1899, and is said to be a “phantom alcohol” due to its low production volume.Edoichi is also characterized by the fact that there are many people who enjoy sake with hot or lukewarm. Japanese sake with lukewarm is not too hot and not too cold, and is finished at the right temperature. When you go to Edoichi in Otsuka, be sure to thoroughly enjoy the sake named Sousa that you rarely encounter.

Recommended menu "sashimi and grilled fish"

There are many fish dishes such as sashimi(raw fish cut in pieces ) and grilled fish at Otsuka’s izakaya, Edoichi. The contents of the dish may change depending on the stock, but the whale is rare among them. There is a day when you can eat whales with sashimi. It’s a food that you can’t meet so much, so when you meet you should eat it. Of course compatibility with alcohol is outstanding.By the way, when ordering grilled fish, it’s a little different from usual, so if you don’t know, ask a stuff. Grilled fish goes well with Japanese sake and other alcohol, so please order it.

Otsuka izakaya Edoichi

How was it? This time, we introduced Edoichi in Otsuka, one of the three major izakayas in Tokyo. Since it is a relatively old and quiet izakaya in Otsuka, be careful not to make noise with friends. In addition to the alcohol and dishes introduced here, there are other delicious alcohol and delicious dishes.Please visit there.

This site also offers guided tours of Tokyo Otsuka-Noren-Gai so it is recommended to use it.


See you next time alcohol lovers.