【Izakaya】 Fubuki

【Izakaya】 Fubuki

Fukuki Ueno izakaya Ameyoko Yokocho

Good evening to all those who like alcohol.

In the previous article, we introduced 4 recommended izakayas at Ameyoko.


This time, we will introduce the izakaya called “Fubuki”(MAP).

This restaurant is a recommended izakaya in Ameyoko (hereinafter abbreviated as Yokocho), so if you like alcohol, please read this. This is a must-see for those who want to drink alcohol at an izakaya in Yokocho.

Popular izakaya in Ameyoko

Fubuki is an izakaya located under a guard along Yokocho. It is a relatively new and clean izakaya in Yokocho. The reason why it is so popular in this area with many izakayas is its overwhelming cost performance. It is an izakaya where you can eat a raw oyster for 290 yen and drink alcohol for 390 yen. It is an izakaya that we want you to visit for drinking when you go to Yokocho.You can enjoy a meal and drink for 1000 yen.

The atmosphere inside this izakaya

This is an easy-to-enter atmosphere in an izakaya in Yokocho. You can see the teppanyaki(dishes grilled on an iron plate) work from the standing drinking counter, so you can enjoy drinking while watching the cooking. Although it is a standing-style izakaya, there are also table seats so you can enjoy dishes and drinks slowly. This is an izakaya that you should definitely visit if you go to Yokocho for drinking alcohol.

Recommended menu ① “Sashimi santen mori”

The first thing we would like to recommend is “Sashimi santen mori”(Assorted 3 types of sashimi). As you can see, you can get 5 types of sashimi(raw fish cut in pieces) instead of 3 types. It is very popular because you can eat 5 kinds for 390 yen. Everything is fresh and delicious, so please order it. Of course, compatibility with liquor is perfect.

Recommended menu ② “Fugu no Shiroko Ponzu”

Fugu no Shiroko Ponzu(soft blowfish roe with ponzu sauce) is also highly recommended. For 390 yen, you can enjoy 4 large Shirako. This shirako is fresh and has a very good texture, so it is perfectly compatible with alcohol.

Recommended menu ③ "Ruibe of Ikawata(squid liver)“

Do you know a dish called Ruibe? Ruibe is originally a kind of Ainu(Hokkaido) cuisine, and it’s not often seen at izakayas in Tokyo, but it’s a familiar dish in Hokkaido. The frozen seafood is cut into frozen pieces and eaten in half-melted state. It melts the moment you put it in your mouth and spreads its taste throughout your mouth. Please order with alcohol.

About alcohol

There is a selection of beer, shochu(traditional Japanese distilled spirit), Japanese sake and wine. There are many alcohol that you can drink for 390 yen. Draft beer is also 390 yen. Fubuki is an izakay in Yokocho that can be highly recommended for those who drink a lot.

Fukuki Ueno izakaya Ameyoko Yokocho

How was it? This time, we introduced Fubuki, a popular izakaya in Aneyoko. There are other delicious alcohol and meals besides the ones introduced here. If you want to drink alcohol at Izakaya in Yokocho, please visit.

This site also offers a tour of Izakaya of Ameyoko in Ueno, so please use it if you like.


See you next time.


※This shop is temporarily closed as of September 13, 2019