【Izakaya】Niku Zushi

【Izakaya】Niku Zushi

niku zushi sushi izakaya

Do you like meat? Do you like sushi?

Have you ever wished you could eat meat and sushi at the same time?

Actually there is such a nice izakaya.

That is the izakaya called “Niku Zushi(=meat sushi)”.

This time, we will introduce such izakaya called “Niku Zushi”.

Niku Zushi was introduced briefly in the previous izakaya article in Ebisu Yokocho.

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This article is written based on actual experience of going to Ebisu shop, so if you are interested in Izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho, please read this article.

About Niku Zushi

Niku Zushi is an izakaya born in Ebisu Yokocho in 2010.

With the mission of “spreading horse meat all over Japan”, which was not familiar to Japanese people at the time, the shop was expanded nationwide (40 shops as of October 2019). This izakaya now uses not only horses, but also beef, chicken, and pork, and offers a variety of menus, mainly sushi.

About Ebisu Yokocho shop

Ebisu shop (MAP) is the first izakaya for Niku Zushi shops.This izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho is made with the image of a sushi stand from the Edo period, andthis izakaya has a retro atmosphere both inside and outside.There are only two seats and two tables for four people at this Ebisu shop.Charges are 300 yen for Otoshi fee(=a small appetizer fee). Various credit cards can be used.The business hours of the Ebisu sho are Monday to Thursday: 18:00 to 24:00, Friday, Saturday and holidays: 18:00 to 2:00, Sun and holidays: 17:00 to 23:00. If you are interested in an izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho, please go there.

Recommended menu ① “Horse meat dishes.”

The first menu we would like to recommend at this izakaya is horse meat dishes.There are many dishes that use fresh horse meat. If you want to eat sushi, try “Uma Sanshu Mori(=Three types of horse sushi),If you want to experience the original taste of horses, try “Baniku No Yukke(=seasoned raw house)”, “Gokujo Uma hire Sashi(=Raw horse fillet cut in pieces )” and “Uma Sirloin Tataki(=Raw horse sirloin  cut in pieces)”.There are many izakayas where you can eat horse meat, but there are not many izakayas that have a variety of menus. Order it when you go to this tavern!

Recommended menu ② “Sashitoro”

The next menu we would like to recommend at this izakaya is Sashiro. This is a sushi made from slices of large marbled beef. The clerk burn the surface of the meat so big that the rice is completely hidden with a burner in front of you, so you can feel the roasting aroma.Because it is an exciting visual, it can be enjoyed even by watching. Order it when you go to this izakaya!

Recommended menu ③ “Niku Shiokara”

The last menu we would like to recommend at this izakaya is “Niku Shiokara(=salted horse meat)”.  Generally speaking, Shiokara is made from raw squid, but here you can taste Shiokara using raw horse meat. This is the raw horse meat salted with liver paste. It has a little strange tasete, but compatibility with liquor is  excellent. Order it when you go to this izakaya!

About liquor

This izakakaya has a full line of beer, wine, sour, shochu(=spirits) and Japanese sake.Let’s order what you like because all meet meals.

How was it?This time, we introduced an izakaya called Niku Zushi.This article wis the Ebisu shop experience article, so when you go to the Ebisu shop, it will definitely be helpful. This Ebisu shop is one of the most popular izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho.This site also has an Ebisu Yokocho tour, so please use it if you are interested.



See you next time for izakaya lovers!