Shimbashi Yokocho izakaya sake

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Shimbashi is a crowded area of taverns and is called the sacred place for office workers. An office worker who has finished his work is going out to his favorite izakaya. Recently, it has become a popular spot for tourists from abroad to go to izakayas.

Introducing “Shimbashi Guard Shita Yokocho” (hereinafter abbreviated as Yokocho) in Shimbashi last time. This time, I will introduce the izakaya in Yokocho called “Robatakai○”.

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This is a must-see for anyone who wants to drink at an izakaya in Yokocho.

What is “Shimbashi Guard Shita Yokocho”

Yokocho has a strong image of an alley in the old days, but this “Shimbashi Guard Shita Yokocho” is a new izakaya spot that was born in March 2018. Opened under the concept of “Place where adults hang out”, it is Yokoho where 10 izakayas such as yakitori, sushi, robatayaki(a Japanese‐style barbecue cooked in front of customers), teppanyaki, gyoza(dumpling), obanzai(traditional home cooking of Kyoto), and Genghis Khan(Hokkaido style lamb barbecue) gathered. Of course, you can order at each izakaya and eat and drink, but you can also have the food from other izakayas in Yokocho delivered. This time, we will introduce “Rohatakai ○” which is popular among alcohol lovers. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to drink alcohol at izakayas in Yokocho.


Robatakai○(MAP) is an izakaya in Yokocho where you can enjoy shellfish dishes sent directly from the production area. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always go for a drink.It is an izakaya that mainly serves shellfish dishes,here you can find famous shellfish such as hard calm, scallop, turban shell, red clam, geoduck clam, oyster, abalone and rare shellfish such as razor clam, top-shell. There are plenty of ways to eat, including sashimi, grilled and boiled with salt, so you can choose the way you want to suit the mood of the day. If you are interested in izakaya of Yokocho, please go there.

Recommended Menu ① “Kai No Dashimaki”

Kai No Dashimaki is a menu that you should order at this izakaya in Yokocho.This is a soft Japanese rolled omelette, but it is a little different from the Japanese rolled omelette that you always eat because it contains shellfish soup. Since the soup is effective, we feel better compatibility with alcohol than normal Japanese rolled omelette. This menu can only be eaten at this izakaya.

Recommended menu ② “Kai No Sashimori”

Kai No Sashimori(Assorted shellfish sashimi) is also a menu I want you to order at this izakaya in Yokocho. Depending on the stock, the types that are served will change, but you can enjoy all the delicious sashimi. Sometimes you can enjoy rare shellfish that you can’t usually taste. Since it has good compatibility with local Japanese sake from all over Japan, I would like you to enjoy it with alchol.

Recommended menu ③ “Local Japanese sake”

Because this izakaya in Yokocho is a shellfish restaurant, we recommend Japanese sake. This izakaya also recommends sake. There is a local sake page on the alcohol menu, and local sake from all over Japan is available. There are many famous sakes, such as Dassai form Yamaguchi Prefecture, so you can enjoy your favorite sake or try one for the first time. Of course there is a full line of alcohol such as beer.

Shimbashi Yokocho izakaya sake

How was it? This time, we introduced a popular izakaya called Robatakai in Shimbashi Guard Shita Yokocho. There are other delicious alcohol and dishes besides the menu introduced here, so please try to enjoy alcohol and dishes at this izakaya. The site offers Shimbashi yokocho tour, so please use it if you are interested.


See you next time, Izakaya lovers.