【Izalaya】 Warayakiya

【Izalaya】 Warayakiya

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This time is an introduction to an izakaya(tavern) in Tokyo. If you would like to have a meal while drinking alcohol at an Izakaya in Tokyo, please read it. Here is an introduction to a Japanese-style izakaya called “Warayakiya”. The Warayakiya is an izakaya where you can enjoy a drink alcohol and a meal while enjoying the atmosphere of Tosa (Kochi Prefecture) in the middle of Tokyo. As there are 15 stores in Tokyo, please use a store near you. There are a counter, a table and a private room. It can be used for dating, entertainment, banquets and various other purposes. Credit cards can be used in various ways. In addition, as a service charge, you will need 500 yen for the Otoshi(a small appetizer) fee. There is a menu exclusively for foreign guests, so it’s an Izakaya in Tokyo that you can use with confidence.

Speaking of Tosa (Kochi Prefecture), there are a number of ingredients blessed with seafood, mountains, and rivers, as well as the famous Katsuo(bonito), which is famous for pole‐and‐line fishing.Alcohol is famous for Japanese sake. This is a Japanese-style izakaya that you can enjoy the ingredients from Kochi Prefecture with “Warayaki(straw-fueled fire)” with sake.

When you step into the izakaya while making you want to drink alcohol, you will first feel the residual aroma of straw-fueled fire.

If it is your first visit, be sure to specify the counter seat. In front of you there is a live kitchen where the cook cooks grilled food, and you can enjoy your meal and drink alcohol while watching the burning flame that sometimes reaches the ceiling.

The first thing I would like you to order with alcohol in this izakaya is “Katuonosiotataki(Seared bonito seasoned with salt)”. When the cook threw the straw into the flame, the fire started up. Cook the bonito in flames at that time. It is baked at once in high heat and cut where the surface is grilled The bonito, which is provided in a fresh state inside, is served with salt, wasabi, garlic and onion. Please eat it with salt only as you want it to feel the original flavor of the material. With a bite, it is juicy and crunchy, and it has a slight and amber flavor. Of course compatibility with alcohol is perfect. Please have alcohol of your choice.. 

I would suggest you to eat with alcohol is “Hachikinjidori

(Grilled chicken raised on Tosa)“. This is also cooked in the live kitchen in front of you.. Because it is a local chicken developed over time, the taste of the meat itself is strong, and the texture is firm. It is really delicious coupled with the smell of straw. Of course compatibility with alcohol is perfect. Please have alcohol of your choice.

There are a wide variety of other snacks available. Of course compatibility with alcohol is perfect. Please have alcohol of your choice.

In addition, although this izakaya is full of types of alcohol, the specialty alcohol which I would like you to order by all means is “WARAYAKI sour. As for Jpanese sake, I recommend the sake from Kochi Prefecture, and of course there are many other alcohol, so let’s order your favorite alcohol.

izakaya sake alcohol tokyo

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If you are thinking of eating while drinking alcohol in an izakaya in Tokyo, please go to this tavern.

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If you want to have a meal while drinking alcohol in an izakaya in Tokyo, please try it.


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