【Bar】 le Connaisseur

【Bar】 le Connaisseur

le Connaisseur cigar bar Tokyo

his time we would like to introduce you to the famous cigar bar “le Connaisseur”. We have written an article on the recommended cigar bar in Tokyo before, so take a look. https://tokyonightowl.jp/news/ 4 recommended cigar bars in Tokyo.html

This is a must-see for anyone looking for a cigar bar in Tokyo.

le Connaisseur

le Connaisseur is a cigar shop and bar & cafe that currently has 6 shops in Tokyo. There are Ginza Main Shop, Roppongi Shop, Shibuya Shop, Akasaka Shop, Marunouchi Hotel Shop, and Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Shop.

Since business hours and regular holidays vary depending on the Shop, please check the official website of the shop.


“Connaisseur” is a French word for “stickiness” and is named with the idea of “I want to provide a place where people who enjoy life with” stickiness “in their lifestyles gather”.

le Connaisseur is not a prestigious bar in a good way. Many people shy away from cigars as far-off and high-class things, but bar le Connaisseur has made various efforts to prevent people who smoke cigars for the first time from feeling uneasy or embarrassed.If you are looking for a bar where you can smoke a cigar in Tokyo, please visit.

In order to relax in a comfortable space for those who smoke cigars, they have installed a ventilation system that is five times that of a normal restaurant and an ozone deodorizer. The ventilation environment is wonderful. If you are looking for a bar where you can smoke a cigar in Tokyo, please visit.

In addition to authentic Cuban cigars, there are always many types of cigars available, and there are plenty of liquors that go well with the cigars. If you like cocktails, try Daiquiri. If you like hard liquor, try lamb.

Also, it is open not only as a bar but also as a cafe. There are many drink menus other than alcohol and food, and there are many group bars that open from the time before sunset.

All group bars have a relatively large number of seats and can be visited by various situations and numbers.

Roppongi shop and Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa shop rent cigar lockers with an annual contract, and they also provide a service to store your important cigars properly and carefully in the walk-in humidor.

In addition, they offer cigar delivery services and staff dispatch to party venues, and they are working on creating a space for enjoying cigars in a wide variety of ways.

le Connaisseur cigar bar Tokyo

How was it? We think that the charm of le Connaisseur, which has the most shops in Tokyo as a cigar bar, has been transmitted. When you come to Tokyo, please visit!

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