【Column】 Difference between Japanese bar and overseas bar

【Column】 Difference between Japanese bar and overseas bar

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Although bar is common throughout the world, the bar culture in Japan has developed its own. This time we would like to talk about the difference between a Japanese bar and an overseas bar.If you like alcohol, please read this.

Difference between Japanese bar and overseas bar

Many people have a Western-style and relatively modern image of bar, but it was surprisingly old that bar was born in Japan. It is said to have started in the 1860s at hotels in Kannai, Yokohama. At that time, it was imported for foreigners in its original form, but in the Meiji era, it evolved into a new form and unique style for the Japanese.

So, “What is the difference between a bar in Japan and overseas?” Mainly differs in the price form, behavior, atmosphere and seasonality. There is almost no difference in the type of alcohol that is placed and the recipe for cocktails.In Japan, there are some alcohol that originated in Japan, such as Japanese whiskey and sake, but in recent years they have been distributed overseas, and there are few items that can only be drunk in Japan unless they are rare or a few. This time, we will explain the differences by classifying them into four categories: ①Price form② Behavior③Atmosphere ④Seasonality. If you like alcohol please read this.


①Price form

Not only bar but restaurant in Japan has a culture of “charge fee”. The charge fee is the seat fee. Charges are roughly 500 yen to 1000 yen, and there are places such as 2000 yen at high-end hotel bars. In recent years, there are many shops that require a charge fee in recent years, but there are still few.

② Behavior

Next is the behavior. Bartenders in Japan are said to be more attentive and polite than overseas bartenders. The way of shaking shakers of overseas bartenders is dynamic, but it is different from the detailed movements of bartenders in Japan. Bartenders in Japan are very good at cutting ice and fruit. The reason why bartenders in Japan have made great strides in the cocktail world tournament in recent years is because of such detailed work and technic.

③ Atmosphere

There are many authentic bars in Japan. Many bartenders are also equipped with suits and bar coats. There are many cases where the bartenders are wearing apron or casual clothes even at top-tier and famous shops overseas. There are more bars that use pourers in alcohol bottles overseas than in Japan.


Seasonal materials that symbolize the “four seasons”, a characteristic of Japan, are essential elements of a bar in Japan. These four seasons, which are rare in the world, produce a variety of materials that can be used in alcohol every season. These four seasons, which are rare in the world, produce a variety of materials that can be used in alcohol every season. And that is only possible in a bar in Japan.Classic cocktail recipes are common throughout the world, but cocktails in Japan that use these seasonal fruits and vegetables for alcohol are very original.

Jpananese bar Japan

How was that? ? explained the difference between Japanese and overseas bars from four perspectives. Feel the unique culture of Japan and actually come and touch the bar.Check out our recommended bars in other articles.

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