【Special Feature】 Bakushu Club POPEYE

【Special Feature】 Bakushu Club POPEYE

POPEYE Ryogoku tokyo craft beer

In recent years, there are many people who want to drink craft beer at a bar in Tokyo. This time, we would like to introduce you to the popular bar “Bakushu Club POPEYE”, which has a very wide selection in Tokyo.

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A must-see for anyone who wants to drink craft beer at a bar in Tokyo.

Bakushu Club POPEYE

Bakushu Club POPEYE (MAPis a famous beer bar for craft beer lovers in Ryogoku of Tokyo.

The nearest station is Ryogoku Station. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 23:30 and Saturdays and holidays from 15:00 to 23:30. This bar is closed on Sundays. Various credit cards can be used. This bar has 80 seats and a table charge of 300 yen.


More than 70 types of craft beer in Japan are always available, and this bar offers a wide range of items from classic to rare. There are various flavors of craft beer, such as gorgeous and orange-scented, bitter chocolate-like flavors, classic, dry and refreshing flavors. There is also a craft beer that uses Japanese brand rice Koshihikari as a raw material and goes well with sushi and Japanese food.There are only a few of the flavors introduced here, so take a look at the menu and ask the bar clerk for recommended craft beers. They have their own factory in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture and brew this bar original craft beer with the brand name STRANGE BREWING.

As you can see on this bar’s homepage, “70 BEERs ON TAP” means that there are 70 types of taps instead of 70 types of bottles, and the counter is a spectacular sight that cannot be seen at other bars. This bar is a very casual atmosphere where anyone can drink alcohol casually.If you are interested in drinking craft beer at a bar in Tokyo, you should definitely go there.The bar is non-smoking, and there is a smoking area at the entrance of the bar.


They have not only Japanese beers but also overseas beers. And if you don’t like beer, you can enjoy drinks other than beer, whiskey, cocktails, and Shochu(=Japanes distilled Spirits).The food menu that suits beer is very fulfilling, and it is based on hand-made and they offers dishes that are particular about ingredients. There are also specialty meals such as dishes using craft beer and dishes using malt, the raw material of beer.

From 17 o’clock to 20 o’clock, a bargain service is offered that comes with a dish when you order a beer.  There are screens in the bar and sports broadcasts are also available, so it is a bar in Tokyo that is highly recommended for those who want to drink while watching sports. If you are interested in drinking craft beer at a bar in Tokyo, you should definitely go there.

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If you are a craft beer enthusiast, make sure to visit the sacred bar Bakushu Club POPEYE.

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