【Special feature】Introducing Bar Ben Fiddich

【Special feature】Introducing Bar Ben Fiddich

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There are many bars in Shinjuku, but Bar Ben Fiddich is a wonderful bar that has been a topic in recent years, not only in Japan but worldwide. We introduced bar, SG club of Shibuya before (https://tokyonightowl.jp/news/[theme 22] introduction of the-sg-club. Html), but this time we introduce such Bar Ben Fiddich . This is a must-see if you want to drink alcohol in Shinjuku!

Introducing Bar Ben Fiddich

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Bar Ben Fiddich is a bar in Shinjuku that specializes in liquor of medicinal herbs and is owned by the world-renowned bartender Hiroyasu Kayama.

The nearest station is Shinjuku Station, and it is open from 18:00 to 3:00 (closed on Sundays). There are 14 seats in total, including the counter table. You can use VISA or MASTER as a credit card.

As it is a very popular bar in Shinjuku, it is often full even on weekdays, so it is recommended to go to the bar to drink after making a reservation if you are going for two or more people. If you want to drink alcohol in Shinjuku, please visit by all means.

Bar Ben Fiddich owner Bartender Hiroyasu Kayama is a herbalist specialist of liquor representing Absinthe. He is Japan’s No. 1 expert in liquor of medicinal herbs. This bar in Shinjuku is also ranked in “Best Bar 50 in Asia” announced by the long-established publisher William Reed Business Media.

The bar’s highlight is the cocktail, full of originality, with fresh fruits, spices and herbs. This owner source wonderful materials from all over the place, but also use botanicals and honey grown in-house at the farm owned by owner Kayama under the tagline of Farm To Bar as cocktail material.

In addition, Mr. Kayama performs performances at bars all over the world every day and studies liquors, so rare liquors that are not widely distributed in Japan are also placed in the shop. If you want to drink alcohol in Shinjuku, please visit!

There is no menu in this bar, so it is difficult to list specific recommendations. Why don’t you actually ask Mr. Kayama for a recommended alcohol, or let him know the mood and taste of that time and make an original cocktail? Surely you should be able to get an amazing drink of alcohol that you have never seen or drank.

The interior and atmosphere of the shop is just a hideaway and there is also some magical atmosphere. Because English is communicated in this bar, people from outside of Japan can enjoy drinking alcohol with confidence. If you want to drink alcohol in Shinjuku, please visit by all means!

In addition, since the owner interacts with the bartenders around the world, they often make special store operations that invite famous bartenders from around the world as guests. Staff bartenders other than Mr. Kayama are just nice and helpful staff. There is also a bar B & F specializing in Japan’s first fruit brandy in the building 2F, so it’s a good idea to have a pub crawl. If you want to drink alcohol in Shinjuku, please visit by all means!

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How was that? If you like drink alcohol, please come and visit Bar Bar Ben Fiddich, a place that is famous not only in Japan but also in the world.

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See you next time.