【Special Feature】 Mensho Taketora

【Special Feature】 Mensho Taketora

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Kabukicho@Shinjuku is a popular entertainment town. Many people go to a ramen shop after drinking at an izakaya. If you enjoy authentic Tonkotsu ramen(=ramen in pork bone broth soup) here, “Mensho Taketora” is recommended.Previously, we introduced Taketora at “4 Recommended Tonkotsu Ramen Shops in Shinjuku”

 https: //tokyonightowl.jp/frees-3/ 4 Recommended Tonkotsu Ramen Shops in Shinjuku.html

This time, we would like to give a thorough explanation of the charm of “Mensho Taketora”

This is a must-see for those who like ramen and izakaya.

About “Mensho Taketora”

Mensho Taketora is a ramen dining with 5 shops in Tokyo and other erea.

 It has the concept of “providing quality products that are not high-end-oriented,” and the menu is reasonable, but the interior and atmosphere are luxurious.

This time we will introduce you to Shinjuku Main shop(MAP). The nearest stations are Shinjuku Station and Seibu Shinjuku Station. Opening hours are from 11:00 to 9:00. There is a trademark tiger object at the entrance so you can see it right away. Various credit cards are available. There are a total of 27 seats including 7 counters, 6-person table×2, and 4-person table×2. If you are thinking of eating ramen in Shinjuku, please go there.

Recommended menu "Toradare miso ramen"

The recommended menu is “Toradare Miso Ramen (880 yen)”. The ingredients placed on top of the ramen are char-siu(pork stewed in soysauce), white leek, dried seaweed and menma(=seasoned bamboo shoots). The soup is a miso-flavored stew of several kinds of potherbs.The special tiger sauce and Hokkaido spicy miso served with ramen are added to this.Stir and melt this to create a good scent and stimulate your appetite. Noodles are medium-thick noodles that are tightly entangled with the soup. The addition of collagen balls that are good for your skin is free, so if you are a woman who is particular about beauty, please order it. If you are thinking of eating ramen in Shinjuku, please go there.

Not just ramen! Izakaya menu is also substantial

As you can see, Taketora is a ramen shop, but the menu is not limited to ramen! As the name of “Ramen Dining”, it can be used as an izakaya. You can enjoy authentic izakaya food. In addition to snacks such as “Takowasa(=octopus with wasabi)”, there are also multiple salads and grilled dishes. In addition, there is a standard izakaya menu for izakayas such as Karage(=Japanese fried chicken). Large and spicy chicken wings are especially recommended. The price of the izakaya menu is reasonable between 300 and 400 yen. If you are looking for izakayas and ramen shops in Shinjuku, you should definitely go there.

There is also a private room! It's like a stylish izakaya

Delicious ramen and a full izakaya menu are all you need, but the atmosphere inside the shop is also an appealing point of Taketora. The shop is a stylish Western-style izakaya rather than a ramen shop. There is a private room that can accommodate up to 6 people, so you can spend a relaxing drink with your close friends. Generally speaking, there is an image of going to a ramen shop at night after enjoying alcohol at an izakaya. However, Taketora can be used as an izakaya and then as a ramen shop. If you are looking for an izakaya and ramen shop in Shinjuku, you should definitely go there.

How was it?

If you are looking for izakayas and ramen shops in Shinjuku, you should definitely go there.

The main shop was introduced this time, but the menu and atmosphere of the other shops are basically the same. they can also be used as izkayas.

List of shops

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