About "Golden Gai"(History)

About “Golden Gai”(History)

Shinjuku Golden Gai nightlife

The history of "Golden Gai"

Although it is in the middle of Tokyo, it seems that I came to a bar in Asia somewhere.

It seems that now time slipped to the world of the Showa 50s(1975) even though it was Heisei 31 years(2019).

Even though we first met each other, we can talk deeply.

Not just a place with lots of bars,where you can experience such a magical experience. . . That is Shinjuku Golden Town.

How is it? Even if you don’t like bars,do you want to go a little bit?

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the place that’s the hottest spot in Shinjuku’s nightlife. It doesn’t matter whether you like or hate bars.

We introduce the history of such a golden Gai this time.


1. About 1950 Shinjuku,black market moved to the place of now, it became the origin of the Golden Gai,which later became the center of Shinjuku’s nightlife.After the relocation of Black market it was an illegal prostitution zone called the Blue line zone. And the prostitution prevention law was fully enforced, the blue line was completely abolished.


2. When the Tokyo Olympics was held around 1960, the city began to be called the Golden Gai. Novelists and stakeholders in the movies and theater dared to argue while drinking alcohol on bars at night.For them, it was a central way to spend the nightlife in Shinjuku.


3. The price of land of shinjuku soared due to the bubble economy around 1980, it became the target of the land sharking. About 10 m2 of land was sold for 1 to 200 million, and eviction fee was said to be 10 million yen. In order to compete against a brute forceful ground shop, volunteers formed “Shinjuku Golden Gai Protecting Association” with volunteers.An organization was created to protect the culture of nightlife in Shinjuku.


4. After the latter half of the 1990 base, the empty stores became conspicuous streets, the buildings and roads of Shinjuku also became obsolete. Therefore, the infrastructure was improved, the renting law was revised, the number of bars or stores rapidly increased, young store owners appeared, and the number of shops with various concepts increased.It became more central to Shinjuku’s nightlife.


5. In the 2000s, people in the city of Shinjuku worked together to increase the number of visitors. We installed security cameras and held various events. Golden Gai became a poster shooting place of Hikaru Utada who is a famous singer of Japan, stores appearing on Michelin guide and overseas media also appeared one after another.It became more central to Shinjuku’s nightlife,not as a bar area but as a tourist destination..


6. Currently it is getting established as a classic spot of night in Shinjuku of foreign visitors to Japan.Golden Gai has been featured in many magazines and media, has become synonymous with Shinjuku nightlife. Whether you like bars or not, it is a place travelers want to visit for the time being.

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We talked about the history of Golden Gai this time.

Next time, we will provide useful information when you actually visit.

We will talk about how to use the bars and the recommended bar.

If you are interested in Shinjuku’s nightlife and bars, the next article is a must-see.

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Then enjoy good Shinjuku nightlife!