Top 10 Japanese Food Popular with Foreigners in Tokyo (10 to 6)

Top 10 Japanese Food Popular with Foreigners in Tokyo (10 to 6)

Japanese Food Tokyo

Japanese food top 10(10th to 6th)

I will introduce the top 10(10th to 6th) Japanese foods popular among foreigners. 

I would like to visit Tokyo, Japan, but what should I eat?

I want to eat Japanese food in Tokyo, Japan, but what is recommended?

Don’t you think such a thing now?

Therefore, this time, it is useful when you want to eat Japanese food in Tokyo,

We introduce the top 10 (10th to 6th) Japanese food in Tokyo, which is popular among foreigners.


No. 10 “Tonkatsu” (Breaded Pork Cutlet)

It is a Japanese food fried in edible oil after cutting the loin or fillet of a pig thickly, coating with wheat flour, melting egg, bread crumb.

Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese food in Tokyo, as fried foods are often preferred from any country origin.


No. 9 “Teriyaki”

Teriyaki is a Japanese food made from soy sauce based sweet sauce for meat and fish.

The sweet flavor of soy sauce flavor is extremely popular from children to adults. Because McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger is not released overseas, some people say “Eat every time I come to Tokyo,Japan.”


No. 8 “Okonomiyaki” (Japanese Savory Pancake)

Japanese food that is mixed with water and flour, mixed with your favorite ingredients such as Sakura shrimp, Squid, Meat, Vegetable, and baked on a heated iron plate.

It is popular as a Japanese version of pizza pancake in Tokyo.


No. 7 “Donmono”(Bowl of Rice)

A Japanese food that puts rice in a bowl and put ingredients on it. There are Tendon, katsudon, Kaisendon etc.There are many places to eat in Tokyo, Japan.


No. 6 “Wagashi(Japanese confectionery)

A traditional Japanese sweets.

Although there are various kinds of Japanese sweets, Warabimochi(Bracken – Starch Dumpling) and Odango(Dumpling) are popular for foreigners in Tokyo, Japan.

The above is the introduction of the top 10 Japanese foods (10th to 6th) popular among foreigners in Tokyo.

The 5th to 1st positions will be introduced in the next article.

As for Tonkatsu, there are also many specialty restaurants and chain restaurants in Tokyo.

As for Teriyaki, McDonald’s teriyaki burger is recommended in Tokyo.

As for Okonomiyaki, there are not many specialty restaurants in Tokyo, but it is often eaten at Izakaya.

As for Donmono, there are many Gyudon(beef bowl) chain restaurants in Tokyo.

As for Wagashi, In Tokyo, Taiyaki(fish shaped cake with filling inside) is popular as it can be eaten while walking.

Japanese Food Tokyo

However, the easiest thing to eat the above Japanese foods in Tokyo, Japan is to go to a Izakaya(Japanese-style pub).

If you go to a Izakaya, there is a high possibility that you can eat the above items together.


There is an article about Izakaya(Japanese-style pub), so please read it if you like.


In addition, as we perform Tokyo Izakaya tour on our site, it is one way to use.


Then enjoy a good Tokyo night in Japan!