How to get to Ameyoko

How to get to Ameyoko

Ueno Ameyoko

How to get  to Ameyoko

There are sightseeing spots in Ueno, such as Ueno Zoo and Ueno Park, but Ameyoko is just as popular. Ameyoko is a tourist spot that connects Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station.The official name is Ameya Yokocho. Ameyoko has various stores such as food, home appliances, clothing, restaurants. Recommended Izakayas at Ameyoko have been introduced before. izakayas you want to visit if you come to Ameyoko.html

But you can’t go if you don’t know where Ameyoko is, right?

This time, we will show you how to get to Ameyoko.

If you are planning to go to Ameyoko, please take a look.

Directions from JR Ueno Station

We will explain how to get there from JR Ueno Station.

After you get off the train at Ueno Station, aim for the Shinobazu ticket gate.

Go straight and get out of Ueno Station.

Proceed diagonally right.

Proceed to the intersection.

Cross the intersection aiming for the PRONTO sign.

Follow the road between PRONTO and Yodobashi Camera.

An arch called AMEYAYOKOCHO can be seen overhead.

This is the starting point of Ameyoko.

You can see various shops on the left and right of the road.

If you want to find izakayas, go further.

If you turn left here, there is an area where izakayas are gathered.

Let’s go.

Return to the previous location and continue further,There are forked roads on the left and right.

Ameyoko is the road on the left.

From here, there are many restaurants like food stands on the left and right.

If you go further, the sign of Ameyoko will appear again.

Go further.

The sign of Ameyoko will appear again.

This is the end point of Ameyoko.

Okachimachi Station is just a short walk from here.

This is the explanation of how to go.

If you come to Ueno on a line other than JR

When you come by Ginza Line, Hibiya Line

Take exit 5B and go straight to PRONTO. See the description above for further directions.

When you come by Keisei Electric Railway

Go out the front entrance and go left. Cross the intersection to the PRONT side. See the description above for further directions.

Directions from stations other than Ueno (only the nearest ticket gate is explained)

Okachimachi Station North Exit

Naka Okachimachi Station, Ueno Hirokoji Station Exit A2, A5, A7

Ueno Okachimachi Station Exit A7

Detailed directions will be explained on another occasion.

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