How to get to Hanazono Shrine

How to get to Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono shrine shinjuku

Hanazono Shrine is a famous shrine in Shinjuku. Many people visit Hanazono Shrine, which has been watching over Shinjuku city since ancient times. Hanazono Shrine is especially popular in November. This is because the festival of “Tori No Ichi”, which pray for good business, is held at Hanazono Shrine for four days including the eve. This time we will show you how to get to Hanazono Shrine. If you plan to visit Hanazono Shrine, please refer to this article.

Directions from JR Shinjuku Station to Hanazono shrine

This section describes how to get to Hanazono Shrine from JR Shinjuku Station.


First, aim for the east exit or central east exit of Shinjuku Station.

If you go out of the east exit ticket gate, go up the stairs with the sign “for Kabukicho”.

If you come out of the Central East Exit ticket gate, go left and climb the staircase that is also labeled “for Kabukicho.”

Go outside Shinjuku Station.

Go straight along the walls along the tracks.

There is an intersection on the way, but go straight along the road.

When you reach the end, cross the pedestrian crossing to Yamada Denki.

Proceed along the Yamada Denki building.

A short walk will get you to the pedestrian crossing.

Cross here.

When you cross, you will see a red sign “Kabukicho Ichibangai” in front of you.

Go straight to the right without entering here.

You will see Don Quixote in front of you.

Proceed past Don Quixote.

Walk a little further to Hanazono Shrine.

Proceed to the crosswalk where you can see Mr. Donut.

Cross the pedestrian crossing and pass Mr. Donut.

Move forward.

Pass Lawson.

Pass Family Mart.

Go forward.

Hanazono Shrine is coming soon.

Turn left in front of the blue and red vertical striped Jonathan sign.

You arrived at Hanazono Shrine.

Let’s enjoy Hanazono Shrine.

if you come by a route other than JR

There are 5 lines other than JR at Shinjuku Station (Marunouchi Line, Keio Line, Keio New Line, Oedo Line, Shinjuku Line).

It is said that there are more than 200 ticket gates. Shinjuku Station is a huge maze that even Japanese people get lost.

So if you come to Shinjuku by train other than JR, ask station staff and police officers how to get to the Koban(Police station) at the east exit.

How was it?

This time, we showed you how to get to Hanazono shrine.

Please refer to this article when you come to Hanazono shrine.

Actually, there is a short way to Hanazono shrine, but there are many people on the way to get there, so we explained this route to get there.

You can also go to Hanazono Shrine from Shinjuku-sanchome Station or Shinjuku-Gyoenmae Station, so we will explain at another opportunity.

In addition, this site also has a tour around Shinjuku’s tourist spots such as Hanazono shrine, so please use it if you like.


See you next time.