How to get to Shibuya Niku Yokocho

How to get to Shibuya Niku Yokocho

Shibuya used to be a city of fashion and was loved by many young people.Today, however, there is a massive redevelopment and many people of all ages are coming. Also, since the scramble intersection became a hot spot for photography, many foreigners have come to visit. A popular spot made in Shibuya in 2010 is Niku(=Meat) Yokocho.Shibuya Meat Yokocho is the first meat theme park in Shibuya.

There are 28 shops on 2 floors.

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This time, we will explain how to get to Shibuya Niku Yokocho.

This is a must-see for those who plan to go to Shibuya Niku Yokocho.

Directions from JR Shibuya Station

We will explain how to get to Niku Yokocho from JR Shibuya Station.


First, when you arrive at JR Shibuya Station, please aim for the Hachiko ticket gate.

Turn right after exiting the ticket gate at Shibuya Station. 

Go straight to the QFRONT building.

Cross the scramble intersection towards QFRONT.

Go straight on the right side of the TSUTAYA sign.

You will see the pedestrian crossing.

Cross the pedestrian crossing.

Go left.

Go straight.

Please proceed for a while.

If you can see these blue and yellow signs, it will be soon.

You have arrived at your destination.

The second floor of this building is Niku Yokocho.

Afterwards, let’s enjoy Niku Yokocho.

When you come to Shibuya Station by train other than JR,

please aim for Hachiko first.

※Many trains are in Shibuya Station


How to get to Hachiko

Inokashira Line → Walk from the central exit

Denentoshi Line, Hanzomon Line, Toyoko Line, Fukutoshin Line → Exit Hachiko ticket gate and immediately from A8 exit

Ginza Line → Exit the ticket gate for Scramble Square, get off the ground, and immediately

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Did you understand? The way described this time is an example.

You can cross the scramble intersection via the Center Gai(=street).

We just explained the most easy-to-understand directions.

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